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I think I have seen it all now.

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Although he is lovely, I think it is sad to see that done intentionaly to a basset. I know of a website that deals in all these thoroughbred crosses, but I won't put it up in case it gives people ideas.
When I was a little girl there was someone we knew who had a basset/german shephard. The poor thing was actually cute but had a bizarre temperment!
The local pet shop had a big poster in the window about two years ago. "Bassador puppies for sale!" Being the curious person I am, I stopped to see what a bassador was. Their father was a lab and mom a Basset. They looked like a lab with longer ears and shorter legs, and all five were solid black. I often wondered what they looked like when they grew up.
I'm continually amazed at the prices they are getting for these so called "designer dogs". They used to be the "mutts" that you could get at the pound for a small cost of spaying or neutering.
I saw a Basset-Dachshund mix at a Dachshund picnic in NH four years ago. He was very handsome in his uniqueness. His name was Malcolm and he was available for adoption. I was in love. If we hadn't just spent two years trying to 'civilize' Moe, I would have brought him home. My husband would not have been happy. He told me if I brought home another dog it could stay... but I would have to go! :eek:

I hope Malcolm ended up in a good, loving home. I tend to think he did... The North American Dachshund Rescue was very thorough when placing Tally with us. I still wish I had taken him...
One time at a "Blessing of the Animals" in Bradenton, Florida I saw a basset-rhodesian ridgeback mix. Strange, indeed, but cute!
Francis and I are going to a Blessing of the Animals tomorrow at our local shelter. If Francis doesn't stop rolling in coyote poop he's gonna need more than just a blessing!!!!!!!!!!
:ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :unsure:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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