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I posted here a month ago and got some excellent advice that I should have listened to!
Against better judgement I agreed to rehome a local basset whose family could no longer look after her due to seperation. It seemed like fate :rolleyes: I really thought I would be able to cope with an 8 month old basset and a one year old toddler no problem, but in reality I just couldn't concentrate on Rosie's training needs sufficiently. For anyone considering it let me tell you that it is extremely hard work! Poor Rosie loved stealing my toddlers toys etc and I seemed to be constantly telling her off...which is not much fun for anyone. House training also seemed to be mission impossible. How can you watch a puppy constantly and care for a toddler at the same time? Your time is constantly divided which isn't fair on either party :(
Anyway, to cut a long story short I have done what was best for Rosie and let my cousin be owned by her. She and her husband live on an 110 acre farm and have had bassets for 30 years. They lost their 15 yr old bitch last month which left their 6 month old called Betty very lonely. Rosie has landed well and truly on her feet there!!
As for me, well I now know that Bassets are the breed for me....just not a young one. SO I have registered with the local Basset rescue and will wait patiently until they find an older basset that is right for us.
Please take heed and learn from my mistake!!
In the meantime I can share all of yours with your great pictures and sound advice :D
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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