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I own a basset hound

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So, let's see....what's going on?
A few weeks ago I was wandering around Needless Mark-up (Neiman Marcus) in Boston and found the Jo Malone fragrance counter so I stood there sniffing around the candles and marvelling at the thought of spending $150 for a Pomegranate Noir candle. Unlike me, the scent of the candle was very subtle and complex.
Eventually the sales associate asked me what I would be using the candle for? (?!? what do people usually use candles for?)
So I told her I needed to mask or burn off the scents my very gassy basset hound was emitting and without blinking an eye she told me that the Malone candles were for home not industrial use.
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Thank you for the laugh out loud moment. Earlier today I saw a commercial for Febreze & they mentioned dog odors. I just had to laugh as I looked at Spencer laying on his bed emitting a few odors of his own and thought about just HOW MUCH Febreze I would need on some days! :D
I should own stock in Febreze as much as I use it for doggy purposes!
This post is to funny. Basset have a scent all of their own.
With Mattie her gassy-ness comes at moments when we are not expected it at all. You just smell it.
I have two Frebreze bottles at least on hand all the time.
Basset owners should form a Febreze fan club. Maybe we could get free stuff.
A funny Francis story, I love it! How did you keep from laughing?

Do you guys remember the Frebreze scare when it first came out, that it was poisonous to pets? I'm sure we must have had some discussion about it years ago.
Well, at least somebody at N-M has a sense of humor (or a Basset Hound at home):)
Our dear departed Chloe set off the carbon monoxide detector with her obnoxious smell one Christmas morning. Moral of the story? Don't plug in the detector at Basset rump height!
rofl! Too funny and can totally relate! Some nights Beldin is just TOO much! Sometimes I worry if his hind end is pointed a little too close to the wood stove!
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