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coming in late but still coming in. I am a reputable breeder(as are several others on this forum).We try to educate first, before people buy ,but that doesn't always happen. I am also a hobby breeder since I do not have a kennel,I breed when I want a puppy to keep, and show.I have just had my first litter since 1994 and everyone on here has seen photos of my puppies but in no way shape or form did I say to anyone if you are looking I've got them,ok,I invited someone to contact me off this site if they wanted to talk about things but that was way before the litter was ever born and we have not talked since.This was never an ad for my litter the point I'm getting at is the better breeders try to stay true to the AKC standard for Basset Hounds and have them tested for genitic problems that may crop up in a litter. The dam of my puppies was tested for thrombopathy,do you even know what that is? A bleeding disorder,she tested clear,or I would not have bred her.There were other things she was not directly tested for but because I know the dogs on both sides of the pedigree and no dog was affected by these things I did not test for so I feel safe in saying it is highly unlikely they will develop in the puppies,and even that could come around to bite me in the rear. I'm sure the poor man who posted on here got an ear full,the people on here have learned from us or hard lessons on their own that those just breeding pets are most likely breeding for money only without reguards to the structure of the dogs . Sometimes we jump instead of easing into what we want to say but many on this fourm have been through a lot with bassets they picked from other than reputable breeders and know the down falls. As for supplying pets ,do you know what happens to those pets down the line,do you keep in touch with all your puppy buyers at least once a year.Are you willing to take them back if the owners can no longer care for, or do not want tham anymore. As a breeder there is much more responsibility to these puppies than just getting them good homes.Said my part.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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