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I need to make a video...

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...of Elvis playing with his toys. He's a riot! He parades around the living room jumping and throwing his head back to toss the toy up into the air and then pounces on it when it hits the floor. Every now and then he sets it on the floor and then looks up at me with this proud look on his face and then resumes his chewing. He seems to like a red rubber bone made by Kong the most. I've GOT to get some new batteries for my camera.

Steph :lol:
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Please do post a video!! I am STILL trying to learn how to video with my digital camera :angry: I love to see the movies of the hounds! Rusty pounces on his toys too. He is a bulky boy so it is really funny to watch!
Ruby used to do exactly what you are describing.....but little Ruby is getting old and doesn't do that any more. :( She had been known to stalk a fly in the yard tho and that was hilarious to watch.

This a.m. she ran like the wind in the yard after a baby possum on the block wall. It barred it's teeth at her and fortunately it ran away.

It's overcast out and cool out (YAY!!) but she's stiff and sore (like me) from the weather. With her rimadyl she shouldn't be as stiff as she is tho.......
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