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Your baby is telling you that you need to be in control. Put a harness on him and leash in and out of the house. A dog that young can't be expected to know everything right off the bat. It's your job to learn how to teach your basset to make potty outdoors. What we did, with the help of the instructor at puppy kindergarten, is learn how to talk with your basset.

We'd escort Ruby to the tree where we wanted her to "make potty" and we'd stay in that position. She had room to walk around and sniff to find the correct spot. The leash was long enough for her to find where she wanted to be, but short enough to be where we wanted her to be. Then when she'd act like she was ready to "go", we'd say, "Ruby, go make potty." And when she did, she'd get hugs, high praise. We had her on a regimented schedule from the minute we brought her home from the breeder and to this day we keep it up.

You also can't expect a puppy of that age to be able to hold it all night long. Waking you up at 3 a.m. was common at our household when Ruby was at that age.

Having a schedule helps. Do you take your basset outside to make potty B4 YOU go to bed? Even if you have to wake him up, it's what we do.

Crate training works well too, but don't for a minute think that you can keep your dog inside the crate all day long either. As for him eating rocks and twigs, you'll have to keep him on leash when outside so you can watch him. There's no way for him to know that he shouldn't do that at his age. Try to find a puppy kindergarten class so you and he can learn how to train him.


Janice and little Ruby
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