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I can feel your pain, My Dear! Even Jack is missing Huck and was wondering if a friend of ours who is meeting us in a couple of days could possibly bring Huck up with him from Seattle! :shock: Alas, it is too late to make that happen. But I will not - repeat - will not - spend another summer without my friend. I have found that I have no reason to get off the boat if he's not here. Selfishly, I usually lose at least 10 lbs. with all the rowing and walking when he is with us. This year all I could think was making more cookies, bread & cakes!!! Within the past two weeks we've had three different boats ask us where Huckleberry was. I won't leave him behind again. Funny, I was supposed to "rest" on this trip. Well, I suppose I did but I also just didn't feel "whole" either. He's definitely coming next year!!!

P.S. LOVE all the pics!!
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