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I may be about to become a parent again...

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I just had a phone call from my local Rescue... a 3 year old basset boy needs a home.

He's already had 2 homes in his short life, and not happy ones either. He was left alone a lot of the time, and made a lot of noise and so was muzzled. He was also seen as too boisterous. He's apparently very skinny also :( He's been in homes that don't understand bassets.

I'm going to take Snoopy and visit him tomorrow morning, and if all goes well, his third home with me will be his forever home.
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I actually can't sleep now, thinking of this poor boy. He's been in kennels for the last three weeks, and I just want to give him a cozy bed and a big hug.

I know there's potential there for him to be hard work, but I have the time and patience andwant to give him a nice life for a change.

I think it's almost decided that he's coming home with me :D
Jeepers, we're all exhausted from twisting your arm. :lol: I was getting tired from begging you to consider this.
Lot's of luck, we're rooting for you guys!
I think the only reason he's not here now is that it's after 10 p.m. and it's a bit of a drive away....

Snoopy is dead to the world, unaware of what's happening... Snoopy will be 2 years old tomorrow. One hell of a birthday present for the little guy!
Good luck with your new Basset.....

Oh, yes, you said you hadn`t decided yet.............

I bet one look at him and he owns you.

Please keep us posted on how things work out.

Good luck
Fingers and paws crossed that it all works out for you and HIM!
Good luck and I know he will be worth any extra work he requires. I can't wait to see pictures!
How exciting! Good luck for tomorrow and keep us all posted! :)
I felt just like you after seeing Belvedere at the humane society. They made me wait to get him until the next day and I couldn't sleep a wink. All I could think of was him in that cage thing, where he had been for two weeks. I was there first thing the next morning :) By the time morning came, I KNEW he had to be mine. No doubt at all.

Go get him! ...and keep us posted :)
You must be so excited! Good luck, congrats, and thanks for rescuing! Can't wait for pictures. :D
Hector was like that when we got him. He was wearing a pinch collar. He had been kept in a crate 16-18 hours a day, living in an apt. The kids tormented him. He was NUTS the first few weeks we had him; but it was just pent=up energy. Some nice long walks, a little discipline, and a few house rules, and LOTS of love, an n he was a totally different dog in about a month.
So, two hours ago, I brought Ben home. He's three years old, and is SHOCKINGLY thin. I'll post pictures later, it's quite heartbreaking. I thought Snoopy was a skinny hound, but compared to Ben, he's built like a tank. Poor Ben has had a very unhappy start in life, apparently his full name given to him by previous owners is Benzo Temazepam. Some people should never be allowed to have dogs, IMO. The poor boy flinches when I go to stroke his head.

But despite his scrawny frame, he's as bright as anything and is a bouncy little beasty. Snoopy is slightly miffed at the newcomer, having been the baby for a long time, and they're still figuring out who's who, but they've been playing in the garden already and have worn each other out - both are flaked out on the floor.
So so happy, that you brought the poor wee soul home. :) Sad to hear that he went to someone who never understood bassets, but surely they understood enough to feed the poor guy!!!!! :angry:

I really wish you well with him and hope with time and patience, he really blooms, although he seems to be doing not bad so far. My guy was a rescue too, but thankfuly he had never been ill treated, just never trained IMO.

Just a thought though concerning his name,my little westie had been ill treated, and was basically CRAZY when I got her. The animal behaviourist (Edinburgh University) told me that it may have been a good idea to change her name as she would probably have bad associations with that sound. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

BTW, What a Name to call a dog.!!!!!! Gives you some insight into what these people may have been like. :(
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Good luck with your new arrival! Two Hounds are definitely better than one...

Jake and Harvey say woof woof!
Good luck with your new arrival! Two Hounds are definitely better than one...

Jake and Harvey say woof woof!
Snoopy's not 100% sure at the moment... But it's all been good so far. New Boy is totally house trained.
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