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Frodo is 4 months old...he is the 5th basset we have had and I know all their tricks...or so I thought! I know crates are the safest best place for puppies. Generally he only has to be crated about 3 days a week... and then usually for just 3-4 hour stretches tops... but he had a couple of long days where he had to crated in the morning and then again later in the I felt bad cause he was being kept separate from his "pack"...the older dogs are penned to the kitchen together... Frodo can still escape under the retractable gate and I know this... but... I crumpled and left him penned with the big dogs... I did block the gate...honest... with 2 big furniture sized ottoman!!! I came home to a disaster... my tablecloth had been yanked off smashing a crystal bowl filled with favorite Luke Skywalker coffee cup...plants...dirt computer was near the edge of it's desk...mouse dangling...shampoo and conditioner from the bathroom now in the livingroom...part of the toilet bowl pedastal in the livingroom... a few potty accidents...a giant palm tree plant from the dining room nowin the livingroom tipped and dirt all over the livingroom carpet... and a bit of pee to be sure it stayed put....In 4 hours he totalled my house!!! And that doesn't count the disaster in the lighthouse curtains ripped from the window and shredded... and he had gotten himself back into the kitchen looking all innocent like nope...wasn't more sympathy- he will be penned till he is 10!!! He can just be bored silly with his nyla bone and stuffed baby... honest... his next scheduled crate day is Monday morning for just a few hours! I'm such an idiot...those sweet pleading eyes will have no more power over me...
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