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i have a question...

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Today, when i got home from work, i noticed a couple tufts of hair outside of Lola's crate. When I let her outside to potty later that night, i noticed that the hair around her bottom looked odd. When i pulled her closer and touched her hair, i noticed it was coming right out. I'm really concerned because i have never noticed this happening before. I know lola has had fleas in the past and that perhaps the loss of hair is due to that but i wanted to get some opinions/advice on the matter. PLease let me know what you think!!!
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Well, if the weather is getting warmer, they might shed a lot in a day.
But sometimes becasue they have some scab and it's healing and you're losing some hair only at that spot.
Have her rollover on her belly and check it out.
Daisy and Sally shed in clumps this time of year, especially on their rumps, but check with your vet if you're worried.
If it's the wool they have under the overhairs,
then it's normal for them to get rid of it.

Menaing it's finally springtime! :D
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