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I have a poop eater on my hands!!!

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Ok. Virga eats Doppler's poop. It's gross but it is what it is. I think we've narrowed it down to she's missing some Vitamin B. She'll only eat his. We thought at first that she was doing it to clean up the yard but we've gotten in the habit now of cleaning the yard up every day so we know it's not that. Maybe she's mimicking me? But I doubt that. She's also not in a confined area everyday and she gets plenty of exercise. She could probably use more and since the weather is getting nicer we're going to start taking them to the dog park tomorrow!!! Yay! But back to the poop eating. Neither of them have worms either. So she's not losing any nutrients from intestinal parasites. Like I said, I've pretty much narrowed it down to a Vitamin B deficiency based on my Googling 'poop eating'.

My question is, has anyone else experienced this gross habit and what did they do to help stop it? Also, did you change the food, add supplements, feed more, feed less? I'm at a loss right now. Any help would be appreciated.
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Our collie did it when she was a pup, it was worse if they got human food treats. Gave her suppliments, distaste, and numerous other things. Our best solution was to cut out human foods and scoop the poop as soon as they did it.
You may have already gotten this response, but after 8 bassets and much reading of learned texts, there appear to be two sure fire remedies. Get to it before they do, or look the other way!
If it's any consolation, they usually grow out of it.:D
Put some hot tobasco on the poop.. They won't like that. I have heard if they eat poop, it means they are lacking a vitamin of some kind in their diets.

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we have an elderly kitty and we like to clean up after her sometimes
she had an accident on he hoominz running shirt

"Somebody did something gross on my shirt. And somebody ELSE did something GROSSER to clean it UP!" he yelled.
then something about no kisses
Add pineapple to food, dogs don't like it 2nd time around - or so I'm told!
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