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Whiskey does this and I've tried everything. All the home remedies, the supplements, the Dis-Taste, and changing the food. The only thing that works is getting to it before she does, which is actually sometimes very hard because she's faster than I am and she knows what I plan to do. It's literally a race.

We have a Pug who is paper trained and while Whiskey will eat her own poop, she would sell me out to the lowest bidder in order to get to Willow's poop before I do. I nearly threw out my back this morning trying to get to it this morning as she darted in and tripped me.

Honestly, it doesn't bother me as much as it used to because I grew up with a pack of shi-tzus who would do the same thing and since there were so many (we bred them) there was no way you could get to it before they did. So they just kept doing it. I got used to it growing up - even though it was disgusting!

But what really bothers me is that Whiskey won't just eat it where it's dropped, she'll bring it into the living room and scatter it around the floor and even play with it.

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