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a lot of times dogs will eat cat poop because cat food has a higher protein content, and i suppose the dogs think the poo must be protein-y too. I've heard the mother dog-eating-the=poo thing before too. I've only ever seen a mother dog trying to eat/clean up puppy poop, and that's the only time the dog had done it.
I've seen gorillas poop in their own hand and eat their poop at the zoo...twice. Same gorilla, six years later (i really hate monkies and gorillas LOL) But, a zoo tech said that the gorillas ate lots of fruit and potent vittles and some of that still comes out in the they think it's their second helping treat!
So, i actually do think the vitamin B is worth a shot....but it could also be that the dog just thinks poop is the second best way to get their protein!!! blah!!!
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