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I read that Midwest makes a crate that you can divide in half and it opens on both ends so you can store more than one dog./QUOTE]

Hmmm, that would be good made-for-TV ad.

"Tired of not having enough room for storage of your dogs? Then this crate is for you! It's the dog crate that stores not one, but two, yes TWO dogs!

"How does this amazing system work? Just open one door, and coax your dog in. Shut the door. Open the other door, and coax the other dog in. Shut that door. Next, hook up the hose from your vacuum to the...(pssst, wrong commercial).

"Call our toll-free number in the next 15 minutes and we'll throw in an extra divider so you can store...wait for it... THREE dogs! Oh, heck, why not, we'll even send you the third dog for free! Just pay $150 for shipping/handling.

"If you aren't fully satisfied with your crate, don't bother calling to try and return it as we will just laugh and hang up the phone on you."
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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