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I found a new vet/animal hospital for Ruby

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We toured a relatively new animal hospital/vet/boarding place yesterday for Ruby. We made arrangements for her to be boarded for two days while we move into our house (i.e. Ruby's new dog house). Ruby has something to say about all of this:

"Mommy tells me that she and daddy are fixing up a new dog house for me and them to live in. I'm not happy but I'm going to a kennel for two days when they move into my dog house.

Mommy says that this kennel is real fancy and that they can check on me with their computer as there will be a camera where I'm going to be sleeping. I know I'll miss them a lot but there will be people there 24 hrs to look after me.

When they come and get me on the 3rd day I'll be more stressed than usual because I'll be in my new dog house right after coming from the kennel. I have only been there once and that was before they had the inside painted and had new flooring put in.

I plan on flinging slobber all over the new paint on the walls and the new flooring. They'd better have my beds right where I want them and I'd better have lots of yummy treats. Mooooo!"
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Awwww...Ruby, I know you'll miss Mom & Dad, but they'll miss you horribly, too. Probably more than you miss them! Been there, done that!

In the meantime, use the opportunity to lay a what my mom calls a "guilt trip" on them so they'll give you some new toys and "Scooby snacks", and lots of love & cuddles when you get home, and enjoy your new dog house!

Maybe you can get a massage and manicure & pedicure while you're at this fancy kennel?

Daisy Jayne
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