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I Believe I Can Fly

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...just sayin'

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I believe you can, too, Esther.
Why Worm, you flirt, you.
Hey Boomer-- sorry forgot to reply to ur bday post... YES! i think we will be able to get nice purty girl bassets, like Esther here. she is very alluring because she's an older woman for us and more experienced.... hello, Mrs. Robinson! Plus look at that great smile and those squinty eyes in the sun... sexy!

You can be my Wingman and I can be yours, if you like, when we go about town sniffing for purty girls. :cool:

(on another note, Worm's person says: "I am sometimes afraid I could accidentally decapitate Worm (!) when his head's out the window because I have a one-touch button that rolls the windows all the way up and down...potentially dangerous, if you ask me!")
Hey Guys, I would like to be part of this trolling for girls too..also, my mom has a jeep that the doors and windows (and top to I am told) comes right ears and lips just blow in the breeze all studly we can all go and see if Esther wants to "fly" with us..Deal??

Your pal
Woody:cool:(notice the cool says all boys are studly in them)
Deal! ok Woody, you can be part of the Brat Pack with us too... we will have lots of fun when Boomer's mom lets him out...! and we will pick up good-looking basset gals.

aw poo... gotta go because my momma found a flea on me :eek: and i have to go for my flea bath now... bye for now, Worm

ps. oh, watch out, there are flying bassets everywhere!
Worm - Rosco says you just need to convince your people to get you a female companion. He says he has Mrs. Robinson x 2. He also says he's working on getting a harem of hound girls but Daddy says no more animals for now.
Nice! Mrs. Robinson x 2 sounds like heaven! i LIKE your thinking, Rosco. we could definitely learn a thing or two from you.


ps. Bowser, you should come join in on the fun someday and then you'll understand :cool: btw, your not supPOSED to like Daisy, she's your sister!
Woody, how does your mom keep you from jumping out? We have a jeep too and am looking forward to taking Bernie with the doors & top off but are trying to decided the best way to strap him in. Do you use one of those dog seatbelt harness things?
Worm uses a doggie seatbelt, either from Petco or Petsmart. I am often tempted to not use it because I am feeling lazy. Also because Worm likes to lie on my lap when I drive. And also sit in my lap and look out the window. Totally dangerous i know. But then I come to my senses and remember the time that he was asleep in the passenger seat. Because he was so tired, I didn't bother putting his seatbelt harness on. Really regretted it when I braked hard and he fell forward. i was worried I could have caused damage to his limbs or back :( well, i learned my lesson and 99.9% of the time, we use his seatbelt.
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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