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I am having a trainer come over wednesday

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I have been having alot of trouble with simon biting me. i have tried many things suggesterd here, I even tried a shock collar (worked for a day, then made him crazier) So tom. nite this guy is coming and i'll see what he has to say he is very reasonsanbly priced, so there isn't much to lose
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Good luck. I'll be anxious to hear how it goes. We had one problem where I considered a trainer to help out and then it resolved iself. thankfully. But, anything can happen down the road.
Hope he gives you good advice that works. I went to a behaviourist too. Alot of what she told me was in that book The Dog Listener, but it was helpful, as she explained that it was fear that made my westie act the way she did. Hope to hear how it goes.
Good luck- I've been wondering how Simon was doing. Hopefully the behaviorist will have some pointers. Simon is lucky to have you.
Pls update when you can. I'll be curious on the advice/suggestions he give you.

Have been thinking about you and Simon. How did things go with the trainer?? I hope he is able to help with his biting. Keep us posted!
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