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According to The Pet Connection, "without Iams, there might not have been a recall at all":

In sworn testimony, Menu Foods CEO Paul Henderson admitted that his company called the recall because Iams told them they’d had enough, that their own quality internal systems had revealed a problem, and that they were pulling their own products even if Menu wouldn’t pull them all.


STUPAK: [...] “So an immediate recall authority by the FDA would not have taken a month for you to recall your products. Correct?”

HENDERSON: “I would have to say that’s incorrect. The information that you’re looking on, the recall that took place relative to the date of March 16th, Menu Foods at that point in time did not know what the problem was.”

STUPAK: “Well, I’m not asking about the problem. My question was a recall, should, should we give the FDA the right to an immediate authority, and would it have made any difference. You said you didn’t think it would make any difference in this case, and yet the recall went on for about a month. I think an immediate recall authority for the FDA would have made a difference here.”

HENDERSON: “The, the recall that was initiated by Menu Foods and the, essentially as a result of following conversations with the FDA, we identified, this was the scope we’re proposing to do. Whether or not they might have come up with a different scope, that’s a valid point. They might have come up and said, recall more, or recall less.”

STUPAK: “But even before you - I don’t mean to be argumentative, here - even before you, at Menu Foods, and the FDA decided to recall, Iams had already told you they would no longer accept your product, and they were going to recall all food manufactured by Menu Food in, at the KS plant, right? So, really, IAMS was the first one to really start it, the ball rolling here that something was wrong. And I guess maybe what we’re getting at here is there’s also a corporate responsibility, instead of waiting for the FDA. If Iams, the pet food manufacturer sees a problem, and they’re recalling it, I would have hoped that the corporations would have done it without FDA authority.


HENDERSON: “Well, again, relative to the facts as they actually transpired, the conversation that took place with Iams, they, they essentially shared some information with us. We got together the next day, and essentially in a, in a rather lengthy meeting, both parties exchanged what they knew. Being that individually there wasn’t enough information to, to draw conclusions. But together, it looked as from a circumstantial evidence perspective, as if we had the basis for a recall. They opted to recall, we went along. We announced first.” [note from biscuit: ?????][/b]
Even though I don't like their foods - it's too dry or something! - Iams has now earned my complete respect. Good for them!

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It's funny. I've fed iams cat food to my cats for years.
Probably 20-25 yrs now.

Recently, with all the hype for "better quality foods" I've felt that I haven't been giving them the "best". That there has to be better food as that's what all the pet food marketing says and as a result, you get pet owners online touting this brand or that.

I bought a bag of nutro for my cats, thinking, well, this must be better then iams, everyone carrys on about how great a brand nutro is.

My cats are healthy and normal. They hack up a hairball here and there, but almost never puke. Once they started eating the nutro, that was all they did. Even the one who never ever pukes. Once I got them a bag of iams, they went back to normal.

So then I bought them a bag of Natural balance because that's what I've been feeding my dog, but now, after all their recalls, I believe I am just going to stick with iams. (I never got a chance to open in and will be returning it even though it wasn't listed for recall.)

They've been there for me for over 20 yrs and my cats have always done well on their food. I don't know why I let marketing sway me so much.
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