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Huckleberry Needs Your Drool!

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Last night Huck vomited in the middle of the nite (my husband said as I didn't wake up). This morning I found it and it was just bile with a lot of grass in it. But all day today he was acting strange - pacing, stretching, couldn't get comfortable laying or sitting down, yawning and licking his lips. ate but wouldn't drink any water and wasn't pooping. Something was wrong and I just knew it. I was really afraid of bloat so I took him into the emergency vet hospital where they took xrays (after he threw up all his dinner in the lobby) and they thought that they saw a small obstruction in his intestine. He's also full of food and gas. It's my fault as I gave both he and Grace a small lamb bone last night. So they are keeping him tonite, filling him full of IV fluids, Gas X & other meds, blood work, more xrays in hopes that he'll pass the obstruction. If he doesn't pass it he'll need surgery. I feel awful - and scared. He looked so pitiful as I left him there with his blankie. Any and all drool will be greatly appreciated.

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Oh no, I can totally sympathize since we just went through this. Sending lots of drool and lots of hugs your way!!
Oh, Lynne! Prayers and pawsies crossed for Huck. Hopefully things will work themselves out naturally, without any surgical intervention. I've been giving Twinkie lamb bones lately, too.

Cootersmom ... how's he doing?

Janet 'n Twinkie.
Ohhh Huck, get well fast Buddy! Lynne won't be able to sleep without you to keep her feet warm under the covers.
Lynne, I sure hope it's not going to require surgery, and Huck gets better on his own. He's one of the sweetest, cuddliest basset's I've ever met, hate to think of him sick.

Duke and Bo are slinging drool over the mountains, and right to Huck! Will be waiting to here how he is in the morning.

Oh no, poor Huck! I hope things "come out" ok for him and no surgery is needed. Lots of drool on the way, for Huck and you!!

Mary & Scully
So sorry to hear about Huck! I hope he able to pass the obstruction.

Let us know how things are going.
I'm so sorry! I know you must be worried sick about sweet Huck. Drool times 3 headed your way.
Oh Dear!!Poor Huck :( Hope the obstruction passes and that Handsome Huck doesn't need surgery. Thank goodness you got him there when you did and didn't just leave it a day to see how he was.
Oh no! Our prayers and thoughts are with you and Huck. The hounds send him drool. Please try to rest and we all will think positive thoughts. Keep us posted. yvonne
Oh, how awful! I went through this with Murray a couple of years ago and we were lucky, he did pass his obstruction, but I was in a panic- please keep us posted!
Lots of drool for Huck! We all hope that the obstruction passes with no problems. We're also glad that you got him to the vet so quickly.

I am so glad that we have emergency vets, but I'd like to know why our houndies wait to have problems til we have to use them.....
Oh No! Poor Handsome Huck!! Good thing you took him in. I hope they are able to get the obstruction to pass. We are sending him TONS of healing drool.
Oh, Lynne. I'm so sorry. You, Huck and family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated on how things go with Huck.
Poor love! Sending much drool and many prayers- I know you are worried sick-
Poor baby!! We're sending lots of Austin drool his way.
Poor Huck! I hope he is better soon!
Flinging massive healing slobber from San Diego to Huck!
Hope things turn out ok sending healing thoughts
Oh Lynne, I'm so sorry to hear Huck is under the weather! Much love and healing drool from the girls! And hugs for you!
Oh, poor Huck. I was putting the howliday cards in a scrap book last night and smiled when I got to Huck. I truly hope everything "comes out o.k." and no surgery!!!!
Newton, KS
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