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Huckleberry is Home

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Huckleberry was brought home this afternoon. He is doing well although he may not have passed the obstruction yet. They called it gastroenteritis and nonobstruction foreign body. Bland food, 4 to 6 small meals a day, & Pepsid. He was very glad to see me and wouldn't quite barking and bumping me with his nose (he doesn't lick so those are his kisses).

Thank you everyone for your drool and prayers. They all are deeply appreciated. In light of Miss Maggie Mae's passing however, my little "drama" seems insignificant.

Lynne & Huck
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I'm glad to hear Huck is home. I hope he has a quick recovery -- it certainly sounds like he is on the right track.
Glad he is home, nice to have good news
Glad he's home. Sounds like he's happy to be home, too. :)
Glad he is home. I've worried about him all day - Give him extra love and drool from us-
Somehow I missed Huck wasn't feeling well. So glad he's home--hope he's feeling good soon.
so glad to hear he's home, Lynne. And it's not insignificant at all. Huck is well loved on here, and we are all just glad he's OK. :)
It's nice to get good news on a sad day like this.

Sandy, Bo and Duke.
I hope Huck continues to improve. Love the bump with the nose thing. :)
Now that's a load off my mind! Glad the boy is home and sending good thoughts your way that all comes out okay.
Ammmm so glad that Huck is home have been checking about every few hours. I bet you all had a wonderful reunion. Hope things continue to go well.
Lynne, I'm glad to know that Huck is home and under your care. We've got some extra drool coming your way that he will feel better soon!
We are glad he is home and on the road to recovery, even my husband was worried about Huck.
It's always traumatic when our beloved pups are ill and no-one here will belittle any fears we have for them. I'm so glad he's home and let's keep our fingers crossed that he continues recovering.
I was away for the weekend and all the upsetting news is so distressing. I'm glad Huck is doing better Lynne, he is one of my very favourite hounds.
Opus sends buckets of drool.
Arlene and Opus.
YEA!! I am so happy for Huck's return. Extra hugs and kisses from us! yvonne
So nice to get good news about Handsome Huck. :) Do they expect Huck to pass it at sometime, or, are they leaving it alone?
Happy Day!! Huck is home where he belongs. Hope he is feeling 100% better very soon.
Healing drool to Huck. Hope all goes well. Take care. Belinda.
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