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I did not know this so others may not as well. It may save your Basset one day.

1. Lift the upper or lower lip of your pet.

2. Observe the color of his gums or inner lip.

3. Look for a pinkish tone.

4. Know that whitish gums may indicate that your pet is anemic or in shock.

5. Understand that bluish gums may suggest your pet is not getting enough oxygen to his bloodstream - he may not be breathing properly or have a circulatory problem.

6. Realize that dark red or muddy-looking gums can indicate health problems as well.

7. Be sure to check non-pigmented areas if your breed of dog is one, like the chow chow, that has black pigment on the gum membranes.

8. Contact a veterinarian immediately if your pet exhibits any of these abnormalities.
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