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how to add Avatar

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Hi there, I am new and I am trying to put an Avatar in my profile but I have no idea is how to do it.

I've try to put the address (URL) where my picture is at but it won't work....and there is not a Browser link to get the picture from my PC.

The picture I want as Avatar it smaller than 80X80 pixels so that is not the reason; I am sure I am doing somethig wrong, can you help me?
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Try using imageshack. I use it and have no problems. Just upload and link. Just be sure it is the Avatar size before you try and link it. If 80x80 isn't working, try a 80x60. Good luck :).

Thank you aod, finally after much trying...I got my Avatar set up and running thanks to you

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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