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Our basset puppy Virga is pretty sensitive at times. If you raise your voice, even if you aren't directing it towards her, she'll cower and tuck her tail. That's how we discipline Doppler is by saying a sharp and loud "NO" and basically scaring him a little bit. But with Virga we have to be a little gentler with it. Otherwise she'll tuck her tail and roll over presenting her belly. But she's gotten less timid as she's gotten older. She's starting to be able to tell when we're playing with her. Before, she wouldn't let us chase her. She'd tuck and roll. But now she'll run from us barking her fool little head off! So it taken a bit of work but I think she'll still be a little timid for the rest of her life. Whereas Doppler is a very confident dog. It's kind of funny to see the difference between the two of them.
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