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While she's prone to pouting when not able to get her way, Squishy's not phased by much at all.
When giving a stern ,"NO" or any other distraction word, she'll usually turn around and look at you as if to say, 'What? I wasn't doing nothin' Depending on her mood, she'll either give up at that point and find a toy to play with or she wait and try again. EIther way, I'd say she isn't very sensitive.
On a side note: My fiance has a very loud and booming voice, even when he's not trying. I think him "yelling" (I call it yelling even though he says its not - but I don't think he realizes how LOUD he can be even with a slightly raised voice ;)) has got Squishy alittle de-sensitized to verbal corrections. While she'll stop or get down, she doesn't seem bothered too much by them.
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