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I think most dogs, not just bassets, respond better to positive reinforcement.
Apart from lengthy toilet training, where Opus peed everywhere but the paper we put down for him at night, ( no really, it took some skill for him to find the one unpapered patch and saturate it) he was not difficult to train as long as it was something he wanted to do or he was 'getting something' out of it. As soon as I realised Opus was the sort of animal who would walk through hot coal for cheese our training destiny was set. It's far better to get a strong willed animals like a basset to think it's his idea to do what you want.
He has never particularly liked children- one too many has pulled out of him as a younger dog, but he moves away from them and knows it is NOT acceptable to chew on them (something I wish parents would learn, not all dogs enjoy being man handled by strange children).
He needs to take a tablet every day because he has an allergy to dust mites of all things, but every morning as soon as he hears me come into the kitchen he hops out of bed, greets me, and goes to wait under the press where the tablets are because I always wrap them in a thin slice of ham. I guess he has me trained too.
My father bred working collies and needed them to be confident and capable of doing their jobs from afar, I don't think I ever saw him be rough with his dogs, ever, and they lived to please him, a kind word and a quick scratch behind the ears and they were in heaven.
I owned a dobermann years ago who was a rescue and had spent the first 6 months of his life locked in a tiny yard with little or no interaction with people or dogs, or society in general. Although young, he was aggressive, fearful, anxious, downright twitchy and it took the best part of a year to turn him around. Had I been rough or impatient with him he would never have settled into the brilliant dog he became- albeit he was always aloof with strangers, but aloof is fine by me, aggressive is not. The biggest battle with him was dog aggression, and boy, that was hard to break. None of it was his fault, he had no idea HOW to act like a dog, poor old thing.
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