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How Ruby "moo-'s"

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How does Ruby "moo?" Well, I'll tell you how it came about.

When Ruby was a puppy, she was sleeping away with her head leaning on the speaker (for the tv) which was on the floor. There was a commercial for chocolate milk (cartoon type one) and the cartoon cow said, "mooo.." and Ruby, who was sound asleep, moo-ed.

Ruby's daddy and I just about fell off our chairs laughing so hard, so I said, "Ruby! Listen! (which she understands and does) and while she was listening, I moo-ed like a cow and said the word, "cow".

Well, Ruby was completely awake at this point and moo-ed.

Then I said, "Ruby...what do cow's say?" She looked at me with her head cocked to one side and I said, "mooo" and she moo-ed back.

After doing this for a long got to the point where I could say her name, and with the same tone of voice, ask this question: What do cows say? She's automatically moo.

I had to call my folks long distance for them to hear their grand-dog. I had to call friends long distance too. Everyone said that I should get a life (ha!). Told them all I had a life. ;-)

I haven't had Ruby moo in a while but every so often I can just say her name, and say cow and she'll moo.

As for her gobbling....I can make the turkey gobbling noise and she'll try to mimic me. Sounds hilarious! Wish you could hear her.
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Okay, there needs to be a way you can record this and put it on the site!! I need to hear this!!
I too would love to hear this one! Lucy "talks" for sure, but moo? That's just great!
OMG that is hilarious. Yes you have to record it and post it. You could probably get on Leno or Letterman with that!!!
What do I use to record this and put it here?
Oh, Ruby's daddy just said he has a digital recorder at work and he can bring it home so we can do this. I'll remind him.

"Moooo", said Ruby
I await this eagerly.

Rebel Bassets say "Moo."
:D :D :D This I've got to hear :D
After reading this, how many of us have moo'd at our bassets? It has become a nightly thing with me and my kids. We moo at Shyla until my husband gets annoyed and goes in the bedroom to watch TV. (Yeah, I finally get the remote!!) The first night we did it, I swear Shyla was trying but now she just looks at us like we're stupid!

I swear, if anyone outside my family saw us doing this, they'd put us away!! :roll:
How adorable! I widh there were a way to record the cute sounds our houndies make and share... but I'm not that talented :)

My Sami won't moo... but she does have to have the last word in any conversation!
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