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How much raw meat should I feed my puppy

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I have a 14 week old Bassett he weights 11kg and I am feeding him raw meat. The breeder told me to feed him 8-10% of his weight whilst he’s a puppy which would equal around 900grams a day
This seems like a lot of food to me, and my friends / family with puppies feed much less albeit they are different breeds.

Please can someone assist and provide some advice?

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Best I can offer as I've never felt confident enough to be sure I will be feeding a properly balanced diet, is make sure you do your research and liase with his breeder. It's vital he has a properly balanced diet during the growth stag and just to feed raw meat isn't balanced.

I'm sure those who do raw feed will come here and advise you but for me, choosing a good quality complete food may be a better way to go, especially while your puppy is still growing.
While we feed raw to adults not a big advocate of raw for puppiues because it is just abourt impossible to get the phosphorus calcium ration rightr and the calcium level correct in ytoung large breed puppies. Not getting these correct can cause all kinds of orthopedic problems,. Puppies metabolic can not properly regulare calcium like an adulot can so in an adult you have much more leeway. That said feed less. If the puppies body condition dictates it too thin feed more. If geting the slightest overweigh feed less. It is far healthier for a puppy to be underweight than over weight especial large breed puppies.. How much yopu can feed is going to be highly dependant on the fat content of the meat. FAT IS MUCH more calorically dense than cartbs or Prortein,. and while Protein can be converted to glycogen to burj as fuel for thge body it is pretty ineffcient., A lot of excess protein is simply excreted. where as fat and carbs get converted to fat reserves for the next famine.
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