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My two vary everyday. Sometime they can't get enough, and other days they won't hardly eat and will have leftovers. (Elmer-n-Button asked about leftovers in my [topic="[URL][/URL]"]Eating in bed![/topic] post)
Both hounds all together get fed 6-8 cups of dry food & 3-4 cans of 22oz canned food per day.
They are very active and thin, but they will only eat so much, leaving leftovers. Most days they get 8 cups and 4 cans, but that's their limit if they do eat it all.
I should mention they also get 8-10 dog biskets a day too.
As they get older, I'll likely have to cut them back. At 2 1/2 years old, I can already see a little slowing down in the active part.

As for when they were pups, almost half what they get now. When I got Dozer, he was a big boy weighing 12 lbs at 8 weeks, and shot up to 26 lbs by 3 months. By his 4th month I got Digger (and a second job to pay for dogfood), and he was also a heavy pup. By that time, I left food out all the time, so who knows for sure. Neither were fat, just big pups.
Wow! That is a lot of food. I would worry about Dog Bloat and GVD. Scary
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