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3 cups Beneful Weight Management per day,
plus about 1/4 cup bil jac sprinkled on the top for His Highness.
And maybe 3-4 (small dog) treats per day.

I feed José around 6 when I get home from work & he will run and eat, trying to pick out the good stuff (Bil Jac). He manages to eat about half & then makes a bee line for the treats because somehow or other I got in the habit of rewarding him with a treat for eating his supper.... :blink: He used to get a treat when he finished it all but now we've all become lazy.

He finishes the other half maybe around 9 or even 10 or 11. Or he might leave it until the next day. He gets a treat when we eat (around 7 or 8) and then begs for treats afterwards, to which I have to answer "Go eat your food!" and he will eventually get the hint and finish every morsel of food. Then another treat, of course!

Weekends.... same amount of food but since we are home & this forces him to be awake, he will get a cup or two of dry food whenever he asks & the balance later on for dinner.
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