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How is Toughy??

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Any word on how Toughy is doing with his radiation/cancer treatments?
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He had is ups and down. last weekend going into his second radiation on wednesday he became very lethargic and uninterest in eating. He lost all the weight he had put back on. When he was under for radition they took a look-see at what was up.

The tumor in his soft pallet/nasal cavity acutual shrunk a bit, The tumor in the phyranx was slightly larger and necrotic. He got an antibotic. On friday he was perkier and for the first time in a couple week he was able to make sounds, nothing like a bark but sound none the less so perhaps the tumor in that area is now getting smaller. One more radition treatment on Wednesday and then have to investigate to see if Toughy is a fit for the DNA vaccine study going on at Animal Medical Center in New York. Initial results have been promising DNA-Based Vaccine Triples Survival for Dogs with Melanoma " For nine dogs that naturally developed canine malignant melanoma, treatment with a new DNA-based vaccine more than tripled their median survival from an expected 90 days to an average of 389 days. " These results are from 2003.

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