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Way to go Wworm!!!! Its fun to snoop. Tell your Mom to be grateful that you didn't hop on the sofa. Many, many years ago my Mom and Dad had a big old tom-cat by the name of Bob. One day our neighbour came home to find Bob sleeping in their bed. Another time Bob climbed into our other neighbours car to have a snooze but this time the lady was afraid of cats and Mom had to go and get him... I though , like to eat out and managed to squeeze into our neighbours house and had a buffet at their dogs dish they didn't notice until they heard me slurping at the water bowl....HaHa but they only laughed. Oh yeah another time the same neighbour had a party and someone left out a rum and coke ....then there was the time I stole the cob of corn from a little girl and then.......... now Mom makes sure I am in our own yard .....every party has a pooper ... Pais
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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