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How Embarrassing...

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... for my person, but not for me!

Today, i went around to deliver bday party invitations to my doggie & kid pals around the apartment complex. we were walking by a dog named Fremous (?) (it's a French word..) and his owner's place. we've only seen them a couple times at the school, but dunno him or his owner very well.

Fremous' owner had the door open and was talking to her friends. Fremous came out to greet me and didn't have a leash. so my person dropped my leash too. and that's when i took the opportunity to dash into Fremous' apartment and run all around. i sniffed out Fremous' living room, dining room, and back patio, too... hee hee, my person was mortified, but i got a good sniff out of it.
--it's a good Friday so far, Worm
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Way to go Wworm!!!! Its fun to snoop. Tell your Mom to be grateful that you didn't hop on the sofa. Many, many years ago my Mom and Dad had a big old tom-cat by the name of Bob. One day our neighbour came home to find Bob sleeping in their bed. Another time Bob climbed into our other neighbours car to have a snooze but this time the lady was afraid of cats and Mom had to go and get him... I though , like to eat out and managed to squeeze into our neighbours house and had a buffet at their dogs dish they didn't notice until they heard me slurping at the water bowl....HaHa but they only laughed. Oh yeah another time the same neighbour had a party and someone left out a rum and coke ....then there was the time I stole the cob of corn from a little girl and then.......... now Mom makes sure I am in our own yard .....every party has a pooper ... Pais
I had PB on the extenda-leash on a walk one day & looked up to see that she had squeezed under a partially open garage door. Were talking a 6" gap for a cat! I had to reel her in like a fish but she wasn't cooperating & wouldn't slink back under the door. Just about the time I was coming to terms with the fact I was going to have to go knock on the front door. "Um sorry to bother you but my dog broke into your garage. Can you give her back please?" She came trotting out from under the door licking her lips, probably after hitting up the all you cat eat "Kitty Roca" buffet! Ewww!!
You go, Worm!
Oh Worm, you sound just like Penny. The other day someone in the apartment across from me was moving and she decided she wanted it. Good thing her dad was holding the leash because she would've pulled right away from me!
I can't stop laughing visualizing all of this in my head!! Maxwell slipped his collar once and ended up in a neighbors garage. Fortunately, they never knew. Some of these stories though far exceed that. Bassets are awesome and definitely keep you on your toes!! :D
Way to go my man Wworm,

Our moms need to just chill out.....I like to get an set on my neighbors deck, specially if my mom has scolded me for something (like potting in the house)....geeez....our miss neighbor lady looks grandmotherly and like she'd have cookies so I likes to visit ya know?...

She always tells ma to just let me come visit so its all's gets to worked up overs time, see if they has cookies...
Always your pal,
Woody Hayes
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