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If it can be used on an suv can be used on a shorter sedan the question is is it small enough to store in the trunk.

It also help to train the dogs to get on the floor first then the seat instead of trying for the seat from the ground. All mine never had a problem geting in a car cept Toughy he allway would put his two front feet on the sill and you would have to lift the butt end.

pet smart

UltraLIGHT PET STAIRS Home/Car CATS DOGS Arthritis Aid

Short Suitcase Pet Ramp
"The short suitcase dog ramp is the perfect loading tool for your dog or pet into low areas that do not require the length of our full size dog ramps. With its quality, attractive light weight aluminum design this dog ramp weighs in at only 7 lbs and has a built in handle that allows it to be carried like a suitcase. This dog ramp is so easy to operate that it can be deployed in seconds and its versatile attaching lip works great for attaching to almost any flat surface." Side Kick Dog Ramp"GEAR OF THE YEAR" AWARD WINNER! The Side Kick Pet Ramp was awarded the "best all around value" by Your Dog magazine."
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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