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IMHO a dog that develops a noticable odor and requires bathing more fequently than once a month has a medical problem that needs treatment.

those can be but not limited to
the list steiner mentioned


Yeast infection often between the toes, arm pits and skin folds.

Skin Fold Pyoderma
Often the lip fold in basset hounds

Often time the treatment for these conditions requires "shampoo therapy" not just any shampoo but one for the specific condition. Without a correct diagnoses then it is unlikily frequent shampooing will help. Often these condition are secondary in nature, they occur as a result of an underly condition like an allergy. Unless the underlying condition is treated the secondary condition will keep reappearing. If your regular vet is unable to find a solution to the problem I strongly recommend cunsulting with a vet that specializes in dermatology

see Find a dermatologist to find a vet dermatologist near you.

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