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My sweet Stomps (ATB ) would attack Lightning under certain circumstances. Stomps was an insecure, unsocialized rescue, and his attacks usually came about when he was stressed or extremely tired. I learned that I had to feed them separately, neither were allowed to sleep with me, Stomps was not allowed to sit in my lap, etc. Taking him to a pet store would have been my and his worst nightmare. The same might be the case for you dog. Also, he might be feeling your anxiety about him, which makes him even more anxious. I would be very careful of putting B in stressful situations, especially involving the poodle and any other dogs. If you have to go though doorways with both dogs, I would make B wait so that the poodle goes first, then you, then B. With monitoring and some basic lifestyle changes, Stomps and Lightning lived together fight-free for many years. Good luck.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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