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Most of you know that both of mine are pretty active from video clips and so on, but there is starting to be a difference between the two over the last few months.
During the daytime, they are both really active. Running, playing, and barking at the neighbor's cat. :p But still, Dozer a little more than Digger.
In the evening, Digger will head for his bed to sleep and will very seldom get up for anything until actual bed time. Dozer, on the other hand, will move from spot to spot, sleep a little here and there, and will wonder around the house and outside all evening. He will even try to get Digger up for a little play time, with no response.
Even at bed time, Digger will come to bed and not move until morning. While Dozer will come to bed for a while, then heads back to the livingroom, and makes a few trips outside. The other night while Digger and I were trying to sleep, Dozer wondered in, out, and around the house for over an hour (maybe more after I fell asleep).
Digger has slowly turned into the typical "Lazy Basset", but Dozer has not.
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