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My reply to anyone who tells me they have a "designer" dog is... "Who designed it? Anyone I've heard of?"

I'm not against mutts, I have a terrific old mutt now, but seriously...he's a German Shepherd/Husky MIX, not a "Shepusky" or a Siberian Shepherd or any of the other random names you could think of for the mix. And calling a Shep with a long fluffy coat instead of the normal coat a "Shiloh Shepherd?" What's that about? It IS a German Shepherd, just not a show dog, isn't that enough?

Once they start establishing a standard for their mixes, they're on their way to being real breeds, in my mind...I just wish they'd stop just adding doodle or poo to the parent breeds name. "Labradoodle, GoldenDoodle, Cockapoo" (I've never met a Cockapoo I didn't like, though, overwhelmingly charming and pleasant little dogs, smart as they come)

I wonder how those "Bassoodles" will look when they grow up.
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