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On our way back from vacation....Peanut and Tarquin were fighting over who slept where in the back seat. I bought Peanut a set of those plastic snap together steps for the bed at my parents and getting into my SUV (which she won't use! :x )

The steps kept falling over onto the seat, so Peanut and Tarquin wouldn't sleep on that half of the seat. Normally, when someone such as Peanut, touches Tarquin while he is sleeping, he comes unglued. They had been quiet for a while and I almost wrecked the car when I looked in the rear view and saw this...

They stayed that way for a while...oh too funny!

Felicia and Peanut and Tarquin...and Pyewacket the GC Conure...and Mr. and Mrs. Finch (and now Baby) and Thing 1 and Thing 2 (Bettas)....and Pippin, Miles and Gwydion (ATB)

<BG> I think the one on bottom had 1'st dibs and other one gave up. DEcided to sleep on top. How fuuny. Tummy Boy's Mom.
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