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\"she's 10 and lost some bladder control after a hysterectomy lately.  
They got some pills for her from the vet, and she's much better after that.  
I don't know the name, but a vet would, I'm sure.\"
Spay incontenence is thought to be tied to a reduction in sex hormones It is unlikely a 12 week old has been spayed and even more unlikely spayed long enough for a hormone reduction to be link to incontinence.

FWIW PPA (phenylpropanolamine) is the drug of choice. At one time it was readily available in diet pills and some otc allergy medications. However some years ago it was linked to Strokes in Young Women and removed for human use by the FDA. Dog do not experience a similar with the Drug and it is now available under the trade name "Proin"

There are possible medical cause of incontinence that need to be ruled out. UTI (urinary Tract Infection) Stones, Misformed, located bladder, ureathra that need to check out.

That said sphincter control is one thing that developes much later in bassets than in other breeds so house training is much more of a challenge. I find the following Links have a lot of practical advice.

Housetraining Your Puppy

Potty Training Tip

House Training: Ring My Bell!

Crate Training

Often one problem encounter while using a crate to house train in using an crate large enough for an adult with a puppy. Often a puppy will percieve such a large crate as a house with multiple rooms rather than just his "bedroom" A large crate can easily be made smaller by inserting a cardboard box inside of an appropriate size to take up the extra space.
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