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I am having the exact same problem and it is sooooo frustrating,my pup was the runt so I think she is a little behind on the developmental stage, she does normal puppy stuff, she chews paper and wants to eat your food if you leave it sit in an area she can reach, but she is not stupid and I can't figure out how to house break her. She pees in her crate, and will go twice outside and then come in and pee 15 minutes later, so I made an appointment to rule out a UTI or something like that. But she is 4months old and I am at my wits end, I started her in puppy classes hoping it would help so I feel your pain, hopefully, it is something that we can figure out, cause I love sharing my life with my basset but not her urine all over the place. SO if you find anything out or I find anything I will let you know
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