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Do you have her crate in your bedroom when you're sleeping? This way you can hear her cry so she doesn't pee in there when she has to go potty.

You should have seen us when Ruby was that age. We were living in Bassetchusetts at the time and got her in December (mistake because of the blizzards). We kept our snow boots and down coat and so on at the foot of the bed. After about a month of carrying her up and down the stairs freezing our you-know-what's off in the middle of the night, I got smart and put newspaper down in our shower and she "made" in there at night.

All bassets are different but we got Ruby at 10-11 weeks of age and even tho we took her out to "go make potty" at bedtime, she had to go out in the middle of the night until she was waaaay older. I can't recall at what age she was when she started sleeping thru the night but I do recall Ruby's daddy and I just about doing high-fives that she did.

To this day, we wake her up to take her out to "go make potty" B4 **WE** go to bed.

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