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House Training Issue

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Jasmine turned 7 months on Sunday, and the house training is really coming along. If she needs to go out, she'll go and stand by the back door. The only problem is she doesn't make any noise while standing there, and if we happen to miss her, she'll go on the kitchen floor. Does anyone have any tricks we can teach her to give us some kind of alert, physical or audible, so that we'll know when she needs to go out?
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for the problem you have I recommend the following article.

House Training: Ring My Bell!

Activily traing and audio signal is often faster quicker and easier than waiting for own to naturally evolve which may never happen
And for those of you who are craft(ily) challenged, you can buy "poochie bells" already made. (No, I don't own the company or stock in it!)

Janet 'n Twinkie.
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The bell works, Giselle has been ringing one consistently since probably mid to late last summer, & she's almost 1. It's easy to teach, too.
Thanks for the great recommendations. The bell looks like a great idea. I've already placed my order. Fingers crossed that I'll be able to report success before too long!
This bell is great. Ryder is 4 months we just got the bell 3 weeks ago and my hubbie laughed when it came in the mail. He said oh let me know when this works. Like 4 days later Ryder had it down.The other night we had company for dinner and they noticed the bell and my hubbie started telling them the story and he told them they should get one for their dog
Glad to hear everyone's success stories, they've left me optimistic. Just curious though, have any of you had problems with your pups chewing them? Jasmine stays in the kitchen where it will be kept, and has been known to chew when bored... :p
Not sure how Bassets will take to this but my sister's Lab picked it up right away. It was just amazing to see this dog just "decide" he wanted to go outside ...prance over to the door ...and ring his bells! He also has some outside but they are hard to hear. He will bark once or twice if no one comes.

Great idea.
I taught my basset the bell thing when we first got him at 3 months old. He learned very quickly. Only one problem - he then believed every time he rang the bell he was entitled to go outside. We found ourselves letting him in and out every 10 minutes or so! I don't use the bell anymore but he still sits by the door and will whimper if we don't see him when he really does need to "go."
Regarding Dianna's comment: Yes, our doxie Minna started doing that too! But the way we solved it was to make it clear that ringing the bell = ONLY 'trip on leash to potty place in the yard'. We chose our own times to let her go out and play. She actually got the message pretty quickly and is not driving us crazy anymore.
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