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I went through the same thing and I definitely agree entirely with Soundtrack.

Punishing won't do any good unless you literally catch them right in the act, and even then it's iffy. My trainer says that dogs generally only make connection between behavior and reward/punishment for a window of 4 seconds. If you punish your dog, she's just going to try to find better places inside to hide when she pees. It doesn't teach her to pee outside.

For us it boiled down to 2 things:
1. Take her outside when she needs to go (after eating, etc), and reward with a treat when she does potty outside.
2. When you catch her inside, interrupt her (I usually clapped my hands really loud to startle her), then take her outside. Then I would FIRMLY tell her that THIS is where she pees.

We have had Anabelle since March and we still lavish her with praise when she goes out and pees without any effort on our part. In fact, now when she goes out and pees on her own, she usually comes running joyfully inside knowing there is praise waiting.
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