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George never bothers the tree and this will be his fourth Christmas with us. He always knew which toys were his and which were mine -- I have a lot of "Christmas only" stuffies I like to set around this time of year -- except for some reason he laid claim to Hermy (from "Rudolph") and kept taking poor Hermy for jaunts around the house. He didn't chew it up, but he slobbered on it. I don't tempt him with the presents; those reside on a table out of his reach rather than under the tree.

THIS year, however, we have Gigi, who is still a bit uncivilized :rolleyes: and I don't know WHAT she's going to do when she sees a tree in her living room. I'm desperately hoping George will explain to her. He's taught her several other things, like going to the door to indicate a need to potty, so maybe he'll cope with this for us, too. Our house is too small and the doorways too wide to shut them out of the living room. As long as she doesn't decide to chew on the light strings or eat the ornaments, we ought to be okay. As usual, I'll put the presents up high out of reach to remove temptation, and this year the Christmas toys will have to live up high, too. Gigi simply ADORES destroying stuffed toys, which is why all of mine had to be put away. We have an artificial tree (we also have a wood stove, which is WHY we have an artificial tree) and if worse came to worst, I could put it up on a table instead of on the floor.

The best plan, in my opinion, is to figure they're 2-year-olds who don't speak English, and to baby proof everything. :lol:
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