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Rusty & Stickers nephew Johnny is here for a visit. Check out these tired hounds!

101_0580.mp4 video by BooKittyMaggie - Photobucket
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Awww thanks for sharing your video with us. Your hounds are gorgeous and lazy like mine.

They have really neat short claws and i wish a lot of people on YouTube who let their
Bassets' claws get too long would see your video and get their dogs' claws trimmed!!! ;)
Very cute video of the pooped puppies. Yeah I was just noticing the same thing about the nails. Now those are some dogs with some nicely trimmed and well cared for nails. That's how they should look. Wish I could get Roxie's back like that... takes me forever to get them back on an every other day rotation. Hers are just awful. Not claws mind you but they don't go back like some others lines do. Hope her puppies don't get her nails.
Smushy, wonderful faces. Sweet, wonderful paws. Sleepy, wonderful eyes. Ahhhhh!
Johnny was born with a unusual cowlick on his side. When he was developing in utero, the hair follices didn't form and he was born with this long huge cowlick. It doesn't hurt him at all. He has won several dog shows in spite of it. Alot of people think he suffered some horrible injury. They are always relieved to hear the story of Johnny and his cowlick. So the his owner named him "Kaleidoscopes Johnny Cowlick".:)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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