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Hound Found!!!!!

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If you would love to read a wonderful Basset story, our local paper in Lincoln NE has an article about a wonderful basset who got out of his yard and how he was found by his loyal family. It is a touching story about how people pulled together, allowing this family to post flyers, etc.
The website is
His name is Biskit and it really will bring tears to your eyes!

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What a wonderful story at Christmas time. Isn't it great to read a touching story with a happy ending in the newspaper, amid all the other tragic and terrible news. Another Basset brought tears to my eyes and a smile on my face.
i love a story with a hapy ending. im so glad he was ok.
Awww, what a sweet story and nice of that reporter to do it, too. I may have to e-mail her. The Journal Star is owned by the same company that owns the paper I work for. I'd be absolutely FRANTIC if George vanished like that.
touching glad he amde it home safely :wub:
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