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Hound car sickness?

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Lollypop tends to hang her head a lot when riding in a car for 1+ hours or so. Her mouth also tends to hang open, her tongue lolls out, and she drools a lot. Once she gets out of the car, it's like nothing ever happened. we drive to VT and ME often from Worcester, MA and she is pretty uncomfy for those rides. Anyone ever use dramamine on their hounds??
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Doppler drools a lot when we go on long car rides too. But he doesn't do the other stuff. However, he does get sick. So we've learned to only give him a tiny bit of food for breakfast and then he also gets a couple of tablets of 'Pet-EZE Calming Support Formula for All Dogs'. It's made by 21st Century. I think this makes him drool a little more but it keeps him from throwing up. He does fine with it. We stop every hour or so so the dogs can pee and get some water if they want it. And of course Virga isn't bothered by the car rides at all. She just sleeps.
no but you could try a ginger root capsule. Ginger helps with sea sickness.
Lollypop tends to hang her head a lot when riding in a car for 1+ hours
FWIW fischer the harrier use to do this with the same result simply having him ride in a crate or other restraint so he could not see out solved the problem.
Benadryl or Dramamine helps out a little with Rosco when we go on long car trips.
When I got Maggie at 8 weeks she would always get carsick. I talked to her vet and he said it had become a learned reaction. That every time she would ride in the car she got sick. He said I needed to retrain her. So for a few days we went out and just sat in the car for awhile. Then the next few days I started the car but never moved. After that we went around the block for a few days and then increased the distance until now we can go any distance with no problem. I don't feed her much if it will be a long trip or winding roads. And that's how she trained me. Every night if I don't take her for a ride she barks and won't stop until I take her for her car ride.
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