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For a long time Roady would get a hot spot on his tail on on his lower back. I remember the first time he had one was on the tail and it was oozing so much the tail was wet. I'd never seen anything like it so I of course was imagining all sorts of things, like was it cerebral spinal fluid? :(

My vet treated by shaving and prescribing a powder called NeoPredef Powder containing an antibiotic and prednisone. Worked like a charm.

I just read what Dr. Mike had to say about this and I don't feel so bad about my over reaction.
Answer: I think that the wound you are describing is most likely an area of acute
moist pyoderma, which is often referred to as a \"hot spot\".  These can occur very rapidly and progress to weepy, scabby wounds so quickly, in some cases, that they are frightening.  Keeping these wounds dry with the use of a mild astringent solution or an antibiotic/cortisone powder can be very helpful.  I like NeoPredef Powder ™ which is available in the U.S. but
anything that is astringent, controls itchiness or provides antiseptic or anti-bacterial action may help.
Obviously you don't want to shave it if she's showing this weekend but if I were in that situation I'd probably ask my vet if it was ok to have a few days worth of oral prednisone.

A retired basset breeder friend used to get a mixture of gentamicin and burrows solution from the vet and said it worked wonders on hot spots.

Edited to add: "Break a leg" this weekend.

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