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It's been hot here in Colorado. I had 106° at the house yesterday. Poor dogs.
Yeah right, poor dogs? They met me at the gate when I got home from work. When I reached down to pet them, their hair was COOL!! They spent all day in the kitchen with the air-conditioner on.
Dozer came back inside and plopped down on the kitchen floor. And I mean PLOPPED, he just dropped to his side, and when his head hit the floor, I thought a brick hit the floor. It was one loud thump, followed by a long sigh.
Friday should be better. Forecast is for mid to high 70's.
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We're complaining about the heat - and we've had 75-80f..... :shock:
Rusty had his obedience class last night. It was 91 degrees yesterday. The humidity was horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!! The class is held outside for ONE HOUR!! Thankfully it is under cover with some ceiling fans. But is was very hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all had to keep stopping to give our dogs some much needed water. We got home and Rusty was out till this morning. Now he's sleeping again. He did very well last night. I was a proud Mommy!
It's 92 F here. Lucy came back from her walk and just FLOPPED ! She hasn't moved for over an hour !
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It's so hard to know with my gang- But we've broken 100 every day this last week and they are much less active and eating less... I fret because I worry that Sami might not be feeling well still... then she wags her tail and barks at the squirrels from the comfort of the couch- I think she's just a basset...
91 degrees right now and it's not the hottest part of the day yet. I have the air conditioning on and Ruby was laying on the tile floor right in front of the refrigerator (in the way) when I got home from Costco. I thought something was wrong with her because she ALWAYS greets whomever comes thru the door.

Turns out she was sleeping and didn't even hear the garage door going up.

I learned a valuable lesson today that I thought I'd share:

Do not go to Costco the Friday B4 father's day. Wall to wall people and I got there 15 after it opened.
Uh oh. I guess I'm really in for it since I'm leaving for Panama City on Tuesday. The humidity is going to be rough coming from 60-70 degree days. I don't think the my boys would like it very much either.
Supposed to be cool today only 97 and we had a 1/4 of an inch of rain :D :D HA Thank God the air conditioner is working again we went for two days with out in this weather and I wouldn't stay at home if it does it again. My a/c is 30 years old, we just bought the house two years ago and it is original (an antique) and budgeted for replacement next year, we just hope it lasts. Oliver kept looking at me while it was out like he was saying Mom why's it hot can't you make it cool again?? :(
Kimberly: My dad was in Panama during the 60's and said he would just lay in his bunk and sweat it was so hot and humid. Drink plenty of water and I hope you have a/c.

LA and Oliver
Oops, guess I should have clarified, I'm going to Panama City Fla.
glad to hear it, probably cooler and safer :oops: :D
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