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Horrible Scare

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Last night at about 3:00 am Francis whined to go out, so I opened the door to the back and while I was waiting for him to do his business I got the urge to go. I quick went into the bathroom and when I came out Francis was gone! I had a heart attack, it was pitch black out (no problem for him since he's blind) and my yard empties into a pond and another yard . I ran outside in my pajamas calling him in a loud whisper and ran into the yard and then into my neighbor's yard. No Francis! I went over to the pond and it was so dark I started to cry.
What made everything worse is just that day the Boston Globe had an article about coyotes in my neighborhood. Swell.
I ran back into the house to find a flashlight, about 15 minutes had passed. I finally found one that worked and I ran back outside and who was standing at the side door as casually as you please but my boy !! I didn't know whether to yell at him or hug him but hugging won out.
It was so stark a reminder that you can't let your guard down for a minute. My carelessness could have had terrible consequences!
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Good to hear he was safe, Bevy!
What a scare!

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Those 15 minutes must have seemed like an eternity. What an awful experience, I can imagine how upset you must have been, (my Sherlock went missing once years ago for about 10 minutes, and I swear I aged about 100 years!) I'm so glad that you found him and he is ok.
So glad your boy is safe and sound. I can imagine how scared you were. They are like toddlers, you just can't let them out of your sight. I say you give him a huge hug!
Thank Goodness he is safe!!! I'm sure your heart skipped a few beats when you saw your boy at the door! I would be crazy if anything like that happened to Jackie, especially if she was blind!
So glad this scare had a happy ending. I'm sure you were scared to death while Francis was enjoying sniffing around the yard. I'm sure his nose led him right back to the door. It's amazing how quickly they can disappear, and get themselves into trouble. Patti's right they are just like toddlers, into everything, going where ever their noses lead them, and you have to watch them every minute.
Trust Francis to just go crashing around in the dark! This is one Francis' story I could do with out...I would have hugged him too! How scary.

I'm glad the outcome is good. I would have been so scared like you!

Glad it worked out in the end. But What a scare !!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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